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NYT on Liza Birkenmeier’s the hollower “pings with a darkly surreal humor… hermetically sealed experiment in extreme absurdism”

Blog Critics “Grippingly acted under Kristy Dodson’s agile direction” “perceptively imagined, lovingly staged, beautifully acted, and definitely different.”

Theatre Is Easy “I was also enthralled by Kristy Dodson’s directorial choices. Her ambition is boundless and she pulls off some magical moments of stagecraft, rarely seen in Off Off Broadway theatres. She resists pushing the absurdism of the piece too far, instead allowing us to accept the bizarre reality of these despondent characters”.

Theater Scene “Besides the fine performances, director Kristy Dodson achieves momentum and visual interest with her proficient staging.”

Culturebot “Relentlessly non-sequitur and tonally absurd from the start, the staging, full of many (many) surprises”

Loving Friends

“Kristy has an unstoppable self-starting energy and passion, creating her own theater company and helping to generate, encourage, and develop an impressive stream of new and exciting work for the American Theater.  Her infectious work ethic and her loyal community of friends and artists attest, the positive effect she has already had on our community and will continue to have.  She is definitely a serious player.”

         Jay O’ Sanders, Obie & Drama Desk Award Winning Actor

“I've been a working theater actor in New York and Europe for twenty years and I've worked with many directors. I think that by now I can say I can recognize true talent. Kristy is the genuine article.”

         Liza Colon Zayas, original Labyrinth Theater Company member and Lucile Lortel nominee

“From the many projects of hers that I have seen she always explores themes and issues that are compelling, universal, and masterfully teeter on the absurd and controversial. They are very specific and imaginative, wrought with powerful images and deep understanding. Always organized and looking ahead, I find Kristy to be calm and mature, withstanding the normal pressures of a fast-paced rehearsal process. I have seen her communicate with a directness that cuts through to the heart of the point. She has a great open-mindedness with taking information in, analyzing it thoroughly, and assessing the next move.” 

          Tracy Bersley,  Director and Lucille Lortel nominated Choreographer

“There’s something invigorating and inspiring about her approach to theater - and Kristy seems to have no end to her abilities to inspire. So I was inclined to say my congratulations instead of my traditional skip out unnoticed after the curtain routine and meet the producing director of the play. And she was cool. I liked her right from the get.” 

           Mando Alvarado, playwright and actor

 “I can enthusiastically say that few could rival Kristy in terms of the impact she has made on our community.”

           Amy Hughes, acclaimed Theatre Historian and Brooklyn College Professor of Theatre History & Criticism